Monday, February 13, 2012

Intro to the OpenMendel90

I've started this blog in order to catalog my progress in building my OpenMendel90 design, found here, and debugging all of the problems that no doubt exist, or will soon. I will also simultaneously be building a Prusa Iteration 2, and blogging occasionally about solving issues on the MakerGear Prusa that I built at school. I must clarify: the design ethos of OpenMendel90 WAS NOT MY IDEA. All I did was implement someone else's design with more common parts (Prusa rod lengths, 8mm rod, LM8UU) and publish files. I'm not even sure my design works. Wherever possible, please, please, defer to Nophead's judgement. His work can be found here

As of right now, the OM90 (OpenMendel90) design is just barely in progress. All that exists right now are the MDF parts, some in 0.75" MDF and 0.5" MDF. Also - unfortunately for most of the world - most of the units on this blog will be imperial, as I'm from the States, and it's what I know best. Sorry. I'm going to start dogging the frame together with aluminum angle clamps in a few minutes. I'll post pictures as it moves further along.

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